Light Towers

WPS offers durable and long-lasting light towers which can be tailor-fit to your needs.

Powered by resilient Kubota engines, these light towers have the best performance even under challenging and off-beat environments.

Flaunting a 9m total height and 360,000 lumens of power coming from 4 spotlights, your project will be illuminated far and beyond.

In addition, the lights have a 350° field of rotation, auxiliary power sockets and are built with a wheeled trolley system for all terrain mobility.

Light Towers

Key Features:

  • Compact size
  • 50/60 Hz configurations available
  • Rigid, laddered frame engine cylinder block for shock absorption
  • Made for continuous operation
  • Patented technology for Low Vibration and Reduced Noise
  • Ease of maintenance from single side
  • High value of ownership due to low oil and fuel consumption and long service intervals
  • Standard warranty of 2 years/2000 hours
Light Towers