Such extreme bad weather is, of course, a risk to the power supply. Additionally, it shouldn’t be forgotten that if we are now due for a heat wave, this could also put a strain on the production of electricity as our air conditioners strive to us keep cool. While there are numerous other potential causes of electricity disruption, from falling trees bringing down lines to the increased problems faced by those who distribute our power, a backup plan needs to be in place. By not having one, the effects on businesses can be devastating.

Efficient protection against the damage that power cuts can bring to your business is through having a standby generator on, well, standby. If you’re wondering how a standby generator can positively impact your business, consider the following:

How an Outage Affects Business:

Communication – In today’s digital age, most of us use electronic devices and the internet for work and play. Therefore, if your business were to plummet into darkness, computers, laptops, the internet and phones wouldn’t be able to work. Having your business unexpectedly go offline can cause losses for your business as employees are unable to reach clients and customers. Additionally, if your business is a retail store, your card payment machines won’t be able to make a sale.

Productivity – A lengthy power cut could mean you’re being forced to close completely. If you are a manufacturer without a standby generator, the loss of mains power means you simply won’t be able to make your products. Moreover, once the electricity is restored, you will find that further time is lost as you are forced to concentrate on catching up.

Data Loss – Power outages are one of the main offenders behind data losses. Computers and operating systems are complex, and if you’re not on the cloud, then a sudden shutdown can lose or corrupt important files. If outages happen frequently, then it can subsequently damage your hard drive.

The Solution: A Standby Generator:

Standby generators are a highly dependable answer to the problem of a power outage. They provide instant, uninterrupted backup for days, enabling you to deal with just about any power emergency – and with no fuss. They usually run on diesel, natural gas, or liquid propane. Furthermore, finding a diesel generator for sale isn’t a difficult task once you understand the benefits.

How They Work

Simply put, standby generators can have an automatic transfer switch that disconnects from the mains as soon as it detects an interruption in service. Once off the grid, the switch starts up the generator, then transfers the electrical power it produces to your business. When mains power returns, the switch shuts down the generator and reconnects your business to the grid. This provides a simple insurance policy that will keep your business working at full capacity for as long as any power cut is likely to last.

Can They Pay for Themselves?

Some calculations may be needed to determine how much a generator can save. These involve taking into account revenue that is strictly dependent on the power supply (e.g. phones and computers) and looking at those capital assets that need electricity to maintain their value (e.g. perishable goods). You must also consider costs that are associated with the start-up or shut-down of a process or manufacturing line during a power cut.

The Benefits of a Diesel Generator:

Diesel  is more expensive but has a higher energy density. Even though you pay more for diesel, you also get more energy from it than from the same volume of gas. A diesel generator also assures a steady power supply. Diesel models currently on the market are less noisier and much lower maintenance than older models. Diesel engines are sturdier and do not require spark plugs or wires. Being less flammable than other fuel sources, diesel also scores high on safety. Also, diesel generators have a longer lifespan.

Which ever you decided upon, in purchasing a standby generator you are not only buying yourself a highly dependable means of negotiating a crisis but also considerable and long-lasting piece of mind.