If you own a small, medium or large-scale business, you are probably fully aware of the potential problems you face during your business venture. One such problem could be the failing of the mains electric power supply. Depending on the type of business, if you do not have a backup generator, you may end up losing thousands of pounds within a few minutes of losing power. If your business relies on a lot of electronic equipment a backup generator comes into play when the power grid fails. The power requirements for various businesses are not the same. Hence if you are thinking of purchasing a diesel generator for your company then it is important you choose the right type of generator to meet your requirements.

1. Portable or Standby Generators?

There are two types of generators available.

  1. Portable Generators
  2. Standby Generators

Portable Generators are suitable for small-scale businesses while a standby generator differs in size and are suitable for both small and large-scale businesses. Standby generators are more expensive and occupy greater floor space than portable generators, but they are fast with automatic delivery of emergency power after the failure of a mains power supply.

2. Determining the size of Generator

The size of generator you select depends on what you need to power. Running watts are known as continuous watts that are necessary to keep equipment running. Starting watts are extra watts required for 2-3 seconds for starting motor driven products like a refrigerator.

3. Voltage Requirements

Adequate voltage is another crucial factor. Many commercial generators come in various voltages so that they can full fill the various power requirements of different businesses. If your business runs some copious amounts of servers and computers, then you may require a generator that can provide excessive amounts of power.

4. Type of Fuel Needed

There are 3 types of fuel for generators: Diesel, Gasoline and Propane.

Gasoline is more easily available than diesel or propane. It is cheaper than diesel or propane. However, since gasoline generators operate at a higher RPM speed, there is a decrease in the usable life of the generator and it is volatile and is highly flammable.

As compared to gasoline diesel generators run at lower RPM speed and have a long usable life. It is less flammable than gasoline.

Propane is used by a lot of people for their grills. Propane fuel is not easily available and is highly flammable. The price of propane generators is about the same as diesel generators.

5. New Generators

When purchasing a generator check the latest models available. Progress in generator technology has led to the usage of more efficient fuels for longer periods of time. Hence don’t ignore your back up just for saving some pounds.

These are some factors you should consider while choosing a generator for your business. Choose a generator that offers you the longest sustained energy at the lowest cost. We at Eagle Generators are an experienced company offering diesel generators for sale in the UK at affordable prices.