Businesses, residences and construction crews the world over rely on clean-burning, efficient, quiet diesel generators for standby power, emergency power, prime power or even as a continuous power supply. The reasons vary as widely as do the businesses or homes in question. Some rely on a diesel generator to ensure the power to their critical systems is uninterrupted in the event of brownouts or electrical cuts, whilst others operate in areas poorly served by the electrical grid or on a mobile, remote basis where power has to be generated on-site.

Stand By Power and Emergency Power for Individual Residences:

Large scale residential buildings and even individual homeowners can protect themselves against the inconvenience of occasional power cuts by installing a standby power generator in or near the residence. The power is fed directly into the building’s electrical mains, and allows life to go on as normal even in the absence of mains power. Lighting, security systems, cookers and household appliances, heat and even medical or care equipment continues to run, and everyone remains safe and happy throughout the emergency.

A small residence or single family home typically only needs a small diesel generator for standby power, in the range of 5kw to 10kw. A unit of this size can often be had for just a few thousand pounds, and can serve for decades with very little maintenance.


Stand By Power and Emergency Power for Commercial Buildings:

A reliable emergency power generator provides more than just peace of mind for business owners and managers. It ensures that your productivity need not be interrupted as a result of power cuts or brownouts.


Would your business benefit from a standby power system? Just ask yourself these questions:

— How much income does your operation take in on a daily basis? How much of this absolutely requires electrical power to happen? (phones, computers, equipment, lighting, etc.). Most owners or managers will quickly find that all of their income depends on electrical power.

— How many of your assets depend on electrical power to hold their value (perishable goods, data, etc.)?

— How much does the start-up, shut-down or reset process cost you, in terms of man-hours and actual money?

— Look back at your records, and see how many actual power cuts your business suffered in the last year, or the last 5 years.

Add up these numbers, and you begin to see how much a single day without reliable, steady power actually costs your business, and how much not having a reliable backup power generator hurts your bottom line. Most organizations will find that an emergency power supply quickly pays for itself, and then goes on to make them more profitable.

But there is more to the equation than simple power cuts. Another advantage enjoyed by those organizations that install backup power supplies is that they provide protection against severe voltage fluctuations in mains power, which can easily damage sensitive computers or expensive capital equipment. A good diesel generator puts the safety of your equipment (and employees) back in your own control.

As an added bonus, you have a hedge you can use against a sometimes volatile energy market. Especially if your business uses large amounts of electrical power, a backup power supply can become your primary power supply when the price of mains electricity exceeds that of diesel fuel on a per-kilowatt hour basis.


Diesel Generators as Prime and Continuous Power Supplies:

Some commercial and industrial facilities rely on diesel generators as their prime power supply. Most of these require either a great deal of power in a remote location or have critical systems which demand highly regulated power.

A generator is considered a prime power system if it is used for 8 hours (or more) every day of a typical work week. Many mining and construction projects rely on diesel generators for prime power.

A continuous power supply, however, is meant to be run 24 hours a day and often 7 days a week. Offshore emplacements and truly remote operations rely on continuous power supplies to replace mains power entirely.


The Right Generator for You:

No matter what your exact power system needs, we can help you supply them. Just browse our online catalog, or contact us directly to speak to one of our customer service experts. We’re sure to have exactly what you need – and if for any reason we don’t, we can create and install a bespoke power system tailored to your exact situation.