Electrical equipment vendor Cummins Power Generation, based in Columbus, Indiana, announced four new diesel generator models Tuesday, expanding its portfolio of products for smaller businesses that do not require high-capacity power backup.

These customers now have lighter, smaller, more fuel efficient and in some cases quieter Cummins generators available to them. The new models’ capacity options are 175kW, 200kW, 275kW and 300kW.

Keith Lovegren, senior product manager at Cummins, said many of the four new products’ design features were integrated in response to customer feedback.

“The new product lines include a range of features that were driven by customer requests, such as optional dual circuit breakers with identical ampacity trip settings, Level 3 sound-attenuated enclosures, run-time-based fuel tanks and more.”

The 175kW and 200kW generator sets come with Cummins’ QSB7 engine, a 6.7-liter six-cylinder platform. They are smaller, lighter and quieter than their previous versions.

They use less fuel, have better derate performance, a choice of PowerCommand controls and optional dual circuit breakers with identical ampacity trip settings.

The new 275kW and 300kW generator models are based on the QSL9 engine. They are also lighter and smaller than their predecessors, but make the same amount of noise.

Cummins has also improved these two generators’ cold-starting performance.

All four generator sets comply with the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 3 emission requirements.

Cummins’ has a large generator product portfolio, including diesel- and gas-fueled engines for a variety of applications. The company also offers generator-set control systems, transfer switches and paralleling gear.

Some of its biggest competitors in the data center space include Caterpillar and Active Power (a Caterpillar supplier).